Sine Building, B&W

sine building
sine building glendale


Mosaic Art: Barrel Cactus

One of the mosaics on the Glendale History Walk. With my little moccasins at the bottom.

Inspired By…

I took this photo about 3 months ago, and then this month I found out about Dear Photograph. I am fascinated looking through all of them! Also, check out my inspiration,  this flickr set of photos.

Happy 10-Year Anniversary, Visitor Center!

We had a big anniversary party the other day, and since we are a visitor destinatioin, the theme was travel. So, the amazing Michelle of Maddycakes whipped up this extraordinary tablescape complete with suitcase cupcake stand and luggage tag food details. It was a fun day and more importantly a tasty day! Mini-pies from the southern food place, cupcakes from Crave, it was a locavore extravaganza!

Virginia’s House

A beautiful historic home near downtown, that has been transformed into a wedding and reception center. Or centre, as the sign says.

The Spicery Reborn

So happy to hear that the former owner of The Spicery, Martha Campbell, has purchased the Messinger House again and plans to revamp and reopen in November! I hope she brings back her amazing rolls!