My Favorite Corner

This is my favorite corner, near my parents’ house. I love how cracked the sidewalk is, like the desert floor after a rain. The little pieces of rock mixed with the asphalt are like little jewels. Sometimes you can even find trinkets besides cigarette butts too. I once found a tiny bowling pin. I have ran, jogged, driven, cycled and probably cartwheeled over this corner so many times in the 10 years my family has lived in this area, and it makes me so excited when I roll over it. It means I get to be coming home.

favorite cornerfavorite corner macro macrothe corner


Secret Picture: Can you Guess?

Any ideas what this could be?

its a firetruck

Hover your cursor over the picture for the answer! I love this beautiful detail.

Letter Stuffing

letter stuffing2So, for the past couple weeks I have been sending my friends little letters of encouragement under the pseudonym “The Universe” (friend, if you didn’t know that, hi!) and have been busy making little letters to send to them. I don’t know why but I really like sending them out from the post box right next to work. It has an almost vintage feel.

Whee! There they go!

Letter stuffing

If you like old post boxes and the like, I suggest wiling away the hours perusing the Post, Letter and Mail Boxes Flickr Pool

Tactile Blogging in the Glendale Republic

Glendale RepublicIf you live in the Glendale area, pick up a Glendale Republic today, I am on the cover!!!¬†One of the sweetest¬†journalists did a storyabout me and my photoblog, and even included a pic I took in the story! She made me feel like less of a dork for being a snap-happy girl. Thanks for the encouragement. If you have an idea for me to photograph, I’d love to hear it! Find my email on my About Me page.

Glendale Repub

My Old Car

I finally found pictures of my old car! I thought I’d share them here since it was a part of my Glendale life until the engine melted and we donated it to charity.

my old car
It was a 1986 Honda Civic Wagon. nicknamed the “Moon Car,” i owned it from approx 99 or 2000, until its untimely death in 2004. If you lived in Glendale between then or shopped at the Savers on 35th ave and Bell, you probably saw this car. I painted 98% of it, with a couple additions (a superman brawling with a Godzilla with a caption “not to scale”) done by friends. I was in the middle of painting a geisha pin-up on the roof when it blew up.
I loved all the smiles it brought to other drivers and kids.

my old car2The hood was a bit risque. It was a Gustav Klimt painting called “Blood of Fish” (NSFW), but I never got any complaints about it.

I apologize for the somewhat fuzzy pics. I don’t have a scanner, so they are pictures of pictures.

Storm Rolling In

Here are some shots I caught as the storm rolled in last night.

FAM tour 061

FAM tour 065