Saturday Sunsets

A beautiful sunset behind the Methodist church. I like the angle because it makes me squint my eyes into the sun, even though it’s just a picture.


The Desert Needed It

We needed this rain so bad. It was glorious last week!

Saturday Sunsets

The best part about this image is that I didn’t even have to “enhance” it once I uploaded it. This is what the sky looked like. Another reason AZ sunsets are like no other.

Glitter and Glow: Will You Be There?

photo from Glendale website, because I can’t take future pictures…yet!

Tomorrow is the last night of Glendale Glitters, where they set up tons of hot air balloons at night in downtown Glendale. It’s free, and you even get to touch the balloons! My favorite band, Come Back Buddy, will be there, bopping and rocking all their oldies and covers of 50’s rock. I will be there, working and waiting for the perfect Sunset Saturday shot. 🙂

The Spicery’s Secret Garden

The V.E. Messinger house on the corner of 59th Ave. and Palmaire has always been known as “The Spicery” to me. The restaurant has since moved out, but the gorgeous house and spectacular yard remain.

The clover was so deep I could barely see my toes!

Saturday Sunsets