Rent Dodger

Look what Tortilla found behind the entertainment center!

sid Lizard head

I put him in my petunias so Tort wouldn’t try and eat/attack/play with him.

sid Lizard bodysids awesome tailIsn’t his tail so cool?!?

I wished him a fond farewell and told him he is always welcome to eat crickets near our house.


Doggy Ice Cream Social

More like unsocial, in the case of my little Tortilla.

Friday we went to a “Doggy Social” at Papa Ed’s ice Cream and they served Frosty Paws ice cream, made especially for dogs. Made with mostly soy whey, flous and vegetable fats, these iced treats were a definite hit.

Tortilla was wary at first, probably because it was so cold.

Torts treat1

But then he charged right in!

torts treat devouring

By the end he licked the plate clean and was even patrolling the grass for any leftovers.

licking the remnants

tort and elke

Tortilla and my sister and sister-in-law; Elke and my stepdad.

‘Scarlet’ Fever Hits Glendale

aug 14 004

They’re just pre-season games right now, but that is not stopping fans from getting behind their Cards again, for what may be another stellar season.

I predict our barrel cactus will see a LOT of foot traffic this year. 🙂

Eccentric Arizona Souvenir

While doing one of my favorite forms of retail therapy (Savers thrift store shopping), I came upon this tile. It’s one of those painted tiles people put on their wall, like a plate, as a souvenir from places they go.

dino hot springs az

Apparently there are a lot of spas I don’t know about in the northern half of the state. These hot springs cater especially to prehistoric species. And that dino is perfectly content with all the desert creatures watching him.

To make this tile even more strange, check out the visitor (possibly from New Mexico) in the corner:

dino hot springs ufo from afarJust a little UFO, checking up on you, Dino.


Vintage Toys!

There are few places that showcase really awesome vintage toys around the West Valley. Or so I thought. Along with Bears and More in DT Glendale, there are not too many places I could rattle off that have a great seleection of quality toys, until I stumbled into the toy section at Target. yes TARGET. I strolled around the corner and got the surprise of my life when I saw this blast from my very own past: london bridge tv musicboxI had a little “moment” right there on the floor of Target. Good thing it was in the middle of a weekday, there was barely anyone there. I could have scared quite a few children hugging on to this toy. There was also the ubiquitous Slinky and the incresingly popular twee Sock Monkey, but they also had this cool “Hall of Fame” toy pack:

aug 20 023I want it just for that amazing Crayola tin.

They also had the tin Bouncy Bee, Lincoln Logs,

lincoln logs

and even little wooden whistles!

vintage wooden whistles

I can’t wait until my friends’ kids are old enough that I can show them the wonders of these classics! Maybe I won’t wait ’til then to buy them!


Back to School

F21 Back to School oops! I was supposed to post this for our AZ Theme Day back on August 15th, but I was at a wedding and completely spaced. I was hoping to go back and get a better pic before then, but here is my quickie: Taken at Forever 21 in Arrowhead, this is the most creative back to school merchandising I have seen in a while.