Another Jessica Idea!

I’m not sure if anyone owns this cement slab/lot, but it seems like it would lend itself well to some chalk drawings, some outdoor theater/band, even a little arts and craft fair! A tiny little slab of concrete, so many possibilities!



I’m glad I went out to take pics of the moon, the day before the SuperMoon, because it was way too cloudy to photograph the next night!

Glendale Glitters 2010

The really fun pictures won’t come until it gets dark, but for now I will be content to smell the yummy, greasy food from my office.

For more info about Glendale Glitters times and festival what-nots, go here.

S’more Roastin’

It might be a bit warm for s’mores now, but in a couple of months, these s’more fireplaces at Saddle Ranch Chop House will be smokin hot!

Sitting Benches in the Garden

Pretty little sitting area on the Manistee Ranch grounds.

The Tour, Part One

I recently went on a Historic Preservation Tour of both Manistee and Sahuaro Ranch. It was so cool. The buildings are filled with all the furniture, amenities and decor of way-back-when. LOTS more pictures to come!