I’m glad I went out to take pics of the moon, the day before the SuperMoon, because it was way too cloudy to photograph the next night!


Mountains in Bloom

Pretty little cactus blooms on North Mountain.

No, North Mountain isn’t technically in Glendale. But it’s still pretty close.

Purple Leaf Plum

Oopsie, I missed a couple of days of posting. But it was gloomy and rainy at the beginning of the week and it is slowly getting back up to regular springtime sun-shineyness.

But I did manage to get a shot of the Purple Leaf Plum in bloom near my house. With my phone (hence the resolution).

Constellation Cactus

I don’t know the actual name of this cactus, but I love the little white stars!

Orange Tree

This is the height of happiness on a spring day.

Bursting With Spring

Glendale is right on the tip of springtime!

I love the colors and liveliness in these flowers, especially the one that look like it burst open like a kernel of popcorn!