A Tiny Fire Hydrant Break for Teddy Bears!

I will be back next week with some great hydrants I promise! It’s supposed to get cooler any day now…
But I wanted to let area people know about Teddy Bear Day tomorrow!

Come on down to the free event Saturday, September 10th from 10-4 and receive a free gift bag, spin on the prize wheel, and offers, discounts and activities throughout the downtown! Bags are limited to the first 500, so get here early!

For more info, jump over here.


Spicery Receiving Room

I just had to get a quick photo (it was hot outside) of the welcome room -which used to be a porch – at The Spicery restaurant. You can smell their fresh baked rolls from here and it is HEAVENLY!

Teacup Curtains

It’s a little blurry, since I took this with my cameraphone (Why didn’t I think to bring my camera?!?), but this curtain tieback made of teacups is too precious!

Photo taken at the Spicery in Our 1895 Home, the home of the city-renowned rolls from heaven!

Shelley’s Specialty Desserts

Michelle and Gerald’s Southern Cuisine

The downtown southern food restaurant got rave reviews the other day. P.s. their beignets are as good as the reviewer notes.

Marty Robbins Plaza

Just north of Glendale Ave and Pizza Old Roma is this cute alleyway plaza in front of A Shot of Java coffee shop.