Rain at Sunset

sunset with rain

My favorite kind of rain.


Spring Training

Happy first day of Spring Training!

The Cactus League here in Arizona is out in full force. I hope you come visit and bring your sunscreen and camera!

Lens Flare on a Beautiful Day

Fake Flowers

The flowers may be fake, but the sunshine and high 60s are real. What a beautiful day.

Clouds in My Coffee

It is finally nice enough in the morning to sit outside and enjoy the day unfolding. Until two hummingbirds hover above you, making angry noises. To anyone else it would have been magical, but I am afraid of birds, especially ones that make angry noises, so I was panicking.

Rain in Arizona is Erratic at Least

This exemplifies what is crazy about AZ weather. Those spots on my windshield are from rain falling at that moment – while there are almost NO clouds around. It would be eerie if it didn’t happen so often.