Sunset Saturday



Cozy Pigeon

I am not a fan of pigeons – or really, almost all birds in general – but this one, hanging out in the shade on a particularly warm spring day, caught my eye.

Coyote Oaties

Coyote Oaties is a specialty shop in the historic downtown, where you can shop for little knick knacks but more importantly, get cookies!

Sunset with Moon Among Pine Trees

Cupcake Love-In

On Sunday, we ventured over to Phoenix/Scottsdale for the Annual Cupcake Love-In. It is a pretty fun event, but I can’t help but wish the West Valley would have a dessert festival…well, besides the Chocolate Affaire. I would even volunteer my services as a promoter and on-site volunteer.

Tree Names

I love these trees, but I’m not a very good dendrophile – does anyone know what kind they are? The limbs and branches are so picturesque.