Spring Training

Happy first day of Spring Training!

The Cactus League here in Arizona is out in full force. I hope you come visit and bring your sunscreen and camera!


Saturday Sunset

Not quite in Glendale, but still a beautiful reason I love the Southwest. Taken coming back from a day trip in Flagstaff, just outside of Phoenix.

Welcome Back!

I just got back from a Disneyland/Six Flags trip, so while I am editing those photos, I have to put off editing GDP pics. I hope you will enjoy a couple random Disney shots.

p.s. this pic is obviously not in Glendale, but it’s still nice to see a welcome sign. 🙂

Fourth of July in Cooler Weather

glendale and a lil fourth 002
Just wanted to apologize for the lack of dailies-things got a bit hectic at Meander Headquarters. But, the Fourth was fantastic, got to go up to Prescott and hang out with a LOT of my family. Very hometown-y, and really made me want to move up there. Well, the itch is just stronger than ever before.

glendale and a lil fourth 001To see more amazing Prescott photos, visit an AZ sister site, Prescott Area Daily Photo.