The Spicery

Amazing news: The Spicery has been bought (by one of the Catlin Court Originals, Martha Campbell) and hopes to be open for Glendale Glitters! I am so excited I could burst!

Update: it IS opened, and I have to make it over there ASAP!


Sitting Benches in the Garden

Pretty little sitting area on the Manistee Ranch grounds.

The Tour, Part One

I recently went on a Historic Preservation Tour of both Manistee and Sahuaro Ranch. It was so cool. The buildings are filled with all the furniture, amenities and decor of way-back-when. LOTS more pictures to come!

Benjamin Franklin and Pretzels

You know what Benny Franklin was fond of most? Carbs, hence the pretzel stand in front of his awesome biography on display at Glendale’s Main Library.


Gorgeous mural between the Glendale Main library and Sahuaro Ranch Park. I predict this mural making its way into more of my photographs.

Thelonious Monk at Jazz and Blues

The recycled sculpture of Thelonious Monk watches over the Jazz and Blues Festival. Read more about the art projects displayed at the festival here.