Turquoise Truck

Truck found behind Bit-zee Mama’s. I love the flowerpot right behind it.

Spring Training

Happy first day of Spring Training!

The Cactus League here in Arizona is out in full force. I hope you come visit and bring your sunscreen and camera!

Snow Day Up North

I went up north for a snow day vacation and it was so beautiful.

Spring is So Close!

Tree Blossoms

Technically spring hasn’t sprung yet, but that hasn’t stopped the “bee trees from blossoming and attracting me!

Happy Valentine’s Day

I bought myself some tulips today to wish myself a Happy Arizona Statehood Day.

Antique Hunting

I meant to post this much earlier, but as you can see, I had a lot of looking around to do! This is a 2-story antique place called A Mad Hatter’s. It has so many corners you would probably have to camp out for a week to see it all!

One of my favorite finds was this stroller. It would look pretty modern if it was made of black nylon and plastic!