Giant Leaf Pile

What better way to ring in the new year than jump in a giant leaf pile?!

Red and Green Microphone

Microphones at the wait for the last holiday event, Glitter and Glow on January 8th. If you look close you can see the red and green mics!

More Artwerks

The administrators and motivators of Artwerks Lateral 58 have been gracious enough of to give me some of their pictures, since most of the Saturday art walk goes on while I am working. If these pictures show your work, please let me know so I can credit and link to it!

Smash Burger

Arizona’s newest Smash Burger opened in Glendale yesterday. Oh. My. Burgers. So tasty. In every state they make a signature burger that they only serve in that state. Ours is -guess what?- chock full of guacamole and peppers. It is breathtaking, literally and figuratively. I definitely recommend it.


WEC at Arena

The WEC held its last event ever last week at the Arena and it was incredible. The thrills were marvelous.


I’m sure you don’t recognize this intersection when I took a picture of that golf car two months ago, because it’s BLANKETED IN EERIE FOG! I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw fog with my own eyes.

Scary Bird

This bird was happily pecking at this piece of bread and I thought I could grab a zoomed-in picture, until a lady (also with a camera) came traipsing through, not even noticing me with my lens poised at the bird. I don’t like when people think they are too important to even look at you.

Anyway, long story short (“too late”), this bird got agitated because she scared him as she walked by, hence the squawking.