Oleander Fence

I used to drive by this a lot more often and never really paid attention. Now after working in my own garden and trying to grow things, I realize how big a feat this actually is.

oleander hugeThis “fence” must be at least 15 feet tall. I always wondered what the yard looked like behind that wall. I imagine it to be a mix of The Secret garden, and Mr. Miyagi’s yard. The outside looks so unassuming, they could have an unknown paradise back there! ponds, exotic orchids, anything!

Maybe one day I’ll get brave and sneak a peek inside. It probably won’t be as good as my imagination makes it out to be, but I’m so curious!


Italian in North Glendale

Tutti Santi in the Citadelle Plaza (home of the Twilight Farmers’ Market) is an amazing gem. Wood-fired pizzas, amazing pastas and salads prepared so fresh it’s as if they were plucked from a garden outside.

I had the pleasure of going there and I really couldn’t tell you one specific dish to get; they were all top-notch.

I started with a mushroom and ham pizza, made with real sliced mozzarella. The mushrooms were cooked to perfection, which a lot (and I mean A LOT) of pizza places forget. Mushrooms should be somewhat firm and not slimy. Tutti’s were perfect! Even the sauce, which I don’t normally like (I’m a to-hater-uh, I hate tomatoes) was sweet and homemade tasting.

On to the second course: gnocchi and ravioli alla Napoli. Gnocchi was melt in your mouth good, and the sauce was to perfect. The ravioli were a bit too floppy for me, but the cheese and spinach inside was a subtle winner.

Although I inhaled my food too fast to take pictures, i got some great pics of the walls full of awesome old painting and gorgeous, elaborate table settings.

table settingTutti Santi wall of frames

 My favorite light fixture was this beautiful bubble type:light fixture

Arizona Theme Day: Fall Festival

Better late than never, here is one of the businesses in downtown setting up for the Fall Front Porch Festival this Saturday. These pumpkins look very eerie come dark!

pumpkins and fall

pumpkins close up

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Violet Mints


I love the perfect shade of violet the tin on these packages produces. I haven’t yet tried this gum/mint, but I am very interested.

I found these and other cool candies (like Pop Rocks and Fun Dips) at Papa Ed’s Ice Cream.