Another Jessica Idea

I don’t know if you remember the idea I had for the Sugar Beet Factory-loft-style apartments? Well, I have another idea similar to that: outdoor art gallery!

I love this alleyway between Bit-zee Mama’s and Green Park Art Gallery, but it seems neglected. It has gorgeous old trees that provide constant shade, and even the little wooden decorations on the wall would be perfect to hold up art! It would be great if the little coffee shop down the street brought a little cart, the artist-in-residence at the gallery next door did some inexpensive renderings. Heck, Bit-zee Mama’s could even have Artist specials!



These gorgeous vines proove it’s all about shade when it comes to surviving the AZ summer.

Mosaic Globe

Beautiful Globe made by Glendale residents out front of the Velma Teague Library in Murphy Park.

The Spicery

Amazing news: The Spicery has been bought (by one of the Catlin Court Originals, Martha Campbell) and hopes to be open for Glendale Glitters! I am so excited I could burst!

Update: it IS opened, and I have to make it over there ASAP!

Christmas in July

I Love Green Cars