Windy in Spring

It’s so funny to see my li’l guy Tortilla hanging out in the wind. He’s constantly licking his nose and trying to get it out of his ears. If only we could save the wind for summer, when it’s too hot for it to blow.


Hiking: Good For the Soul

When you are little the long trek to the top of a mountain or hill seems like it will never end. When you are hiking early in the morning it feels much the same way. Almost like in all those old movies when the camera zooms out extremely fast to make it look higher up? Like as you’re walking toward it, it’s hurtling taller and taller? And as you start to think you’ll never be able to reach the top, and you’re crawling on the ground, gasping at the high altitude your boyfriends says, “Will you stop? You’re scaring the dog.” And you look around and realize the trail you’ve chosen is only about a mile round-trip. You brush yourself off and wow! You’ve made it to the top and can admire the view of the city.

Nevermind the smog is so bad you can’t see the mountains.

There is something that happens when you get to the top no matter what kind of hiker you are.
The wind is usually blowing, and it’s as if it is taking all your worries, stresses and anxious thoughts with it, tumbling down the slopes. You feel so serene, but with added determination. You know that after this, everything will be…a breeze!

So easy in fact, not even your little dog breaks a sweat!