Artwerks Lateral 58

Remember in July when I talked about how awesome it would be to use that alleyway as an art gallery? Well, BAM. It happened. Thanks to some industrious artists and others, it is slowly but surely becoming a reality. Today (Saturday) I don’t normally post, but this is their first art event and I had to show off some of their amazing pictures! These particular ones were done by Jason Nye.

For more information on the project, visit their Fan Page.


Glendale Glitters 2010

The really fun pictures won’t come until it gets dark, but for now I will be content to smell the yummy, greasy food from my office.

For more info about Glendale Glitters times and festival what-nots, go here.

Chocolate Stout Bundt Cake

William J. Murphy, the founder of Glendale, would certainly laugh to see this cake, made with beer, on a site dedicated to Glendale and surrounding photographs. He was a very staunch teetotaler.


Glendale Shoe Company

I love the simple but festive decor in the storefront of this shoe store. The shoes are pretty cool too!

Thunderbird Lounge

I always want to go in there. I imagine it’s a super old timey dive bar type. My favorite kind.

Arizona Broadway Theatre

The cast of ABT’s “42nd Street” came to the Visitor Center’s Anniversary and they were so cute!