Peacock Grazing Area

Peacocks hanging out in the in-between of the library and Sahuaro Ranch Park.



Gorgeous mural between the Glendale Main library and Sahuaro Ranch Park. I predict this mural making its way into more of my photographs.

Backlighting, Part One

I love backlighting.


I’m not usually a big proponent of people carving up poor trees, but since this is Sahuaro Ranch I like to romantically think that this was carved a hundred years ago.

Sahuaro Ranch in Bloom!

It is this time of year that Shauaro Ranch explodes with color. I was already down at the Green Festival and Family Bike Ride, so I wandered through the rose garden and got some great shots.

I managed to get a shot of this character as he was crowing!

More to come in the next couple days!


Chickens in Sahuaro Ranch Park

The chickens are held over from Sahuaro Ranch’s days as an actual ranch. There are also peacocks roaming around as well, but those will be for a cooler day, when they are actually out and about.