Corn Harvest

I completely forgot about the fields on Northern Avenue. I started taking a different way to work and had used it so long I was flabbergasted when I drove to work this week and there were 7 foot tall corn fields! The fields aren’t very big, but it still tickles me that some people have the magic touch for producing corn in the Valley.

This picture made me laugh and think I should go back and take more because there are few places that have palm trees and corn right next to each other!

Escapades With Alcohol

Don’t worry; this isn’t a story about how drunk someone became in Glendale. That’s not what GDP is all about. It’s about the love of pictures, man. But this is still beer-related.
While perusing my favorite aisle at World Market, trying to figure out what to get, I spied these awesome bottlecaps on Oak Creek Brewing Company’s Nut Brown Ale. I couldn’t not buy them! az cap1
needless to say we got more than we expected to. overkill1What is your favorite locally-brewed ale?

Glendale Centennial Kick Off

Today is the kickoff to Glendale’s centennial celebration and they are having an awesome festival downtown tonight. If you’re in the area and want to see vintage cars, a timeline fashion show and gorge yourself on 50-cent root beer floats, come down; it’s free!
Unfortunately these pics are not mine. I cannot for the life of me remember where most of them came from except the website.
The above pic is the same street corner.

Looking east on Glendale Avenue from about 58th.

Looking northeast on 58th Avenue. I was tickled when I saw that Five-and-Dime store!

This is the Glendale High School, setting up for a parade of some sorts on Glendale Avenue.

Anyone else with some awesome pics to share?

The Most Gigantic Marshmallows I Have Ever Seen

Found at a Wal-Mart, I was completely flabbergasted and amazed at these Malaviscos Marshmallows,
then kind of creeped out when I saw the anthropomorphized marshmallow, roasting one of his friends.Since I didn’t buy them (although after finding the below pic I may need to), here is a picture from Food Revolution‘s blog for size comparison:

Theme Day: Hidden Treasures

I was contacted to be a part of the unofficial “Arizona Daily Blog Community Theme Days,” and I am so excited! This month’s theme is “Hidden Treasures.” To me, my treasure was something very personal. I used to go to this hill (which is actually on a golf course) to clear my head at night, look at starts and admire the view of the Valley without having to go hiking. I am in no way condoning going up here, since it is on private property, but this place was awesome! My friends and I once staged a Slip ‘n’ Slide on that hill too! Well, when I thought of Treasures, of course this place popped up first. I waited until sunset, prepared my camera to take a couple quick shots and went over there…
it has been gated! I was crushed. Although I understand, (and think I was somehow connected to this being constructed) I was still oh so sad I couldn’t go up there one last time.
I still managed to get some pretty shots of the Hedgepeth Hills right behind the houses.

this gorgeous and fragrant cactus bloom was my only consolation.
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One of Many, Glendale History Walks: The Medallions

This is a unique, small little history walk that is actually a walkway on the north side of the parking structure in downtown. It tells a little history of Glendale with beautiful tiles.
The first one in my series is the horseshoe. The tiles that correspond with this moment in time are the gloves and shovel, representing the beginning of towns, including Glendale, which could only be sustained in the desert by the water in the Arizona Canal.. The AZ Canal was dug entirely by hand and mules.