Dog Days of Summer Event

Happy Dog Days of Summer!

If you’re in town, I hope to see you tomorrow!

(Fire Hydrant Friday coming up a little later…)


Fire Hydrant Friday

State flag hydrant found!!

Love and Chocolate Week, Part Five

I had to save the best for last. This is Haus Murphy’s, the German restaurant. I love everything about this outdoor patio. Even without the giant pretzel and tons of pink, it’s a beautiful breezeway and is perfectly shaded for balmy evenings with a pint and a (smaller, but not by much) pretzel.

When I walked over there Rose, one of the owners, greeted me and saw my incredulous face.

“Is it pink enough for you?”

I replied; “I wish that pretzel was real!”

Love and Chocolate Week, Part Three

If you want, I recommend seeing this in person. Delfina Salon went all out decorating for The Love Month. Denise, the owner, had her husband out there helping her set up so it was truly a couples’ effort! If you can’t make it down here, at least click to enlarge the picture.

Here’s one I was playing around with the color. It seems perfect for a v-day card.


Photo Contest with Galapagos Island Prize (not sponsored by me)

Get your shutters ready! It’s time for the National Geographic Photo Contest!!
Get info here and happy shooting!!
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