I snapped this shot waiting for the light on my way to work. I was being safe, see my red arrow? I had plenty of time!

I was amazed because the bottom half of this golf cart (?) looks just like a miniature convertible car. I love it! I would paint white polka dots on it and make it into a Minnie-Mobile! Haha!


Old Christmas Shop

I realized I hadn’t shot a black and white photo in a while, and since this shop is now closed, I thought it would be a great shot. I really liked how it turned out.

Saturday Sunsets

From my back porch.

Polish Restaurant

It’s finally cold enough to enjoy some downtown famous delicious soups from my neighborhood Polish restau, A Touch of European.

Virginia’s House

A beautiful historic home near downtown, that has been transformed into a wedding and reception center. Or centre, as the sign says.


This new shop has their big open house tonight and I couldn’t be more excited! This place is like my dreams come to life.

Not only is Michelle the owner a bubbly champagne glass of enthusiasm, but she is a creative visionary. She is incredibly knowledgeable about decor and party planning. And it shows in her decorations for this weekend.

Down to the smallest details, including the backs of the chairs, she has it all.