Halloween Fun

I love when all the stores dress up for Halloween! At Cost Plus/World Market


First Day of Fall

The first day of fall was the most gorgeous day, albeit a tad humid. But fall is quite a bit different here than anywhere else.

Champagne Picnic

Enjoy the last hot days of summer/fall by cooling off in the shade with some bubbly!

Pool Time!

Splashy Splashy! Cool down time! I just love the exposure time on this one.

It’s Getting Warmer, Said the Hot Air Balloon

There were actually 5 balloons in the sky, but I could only clearly get a couple. This is probably the last week I will get to see them, since it gets too hot for them to be flying around any earlier than 5 a.m. come summer.

Puppy Greeting

Getting some doggie kisses from a happy Glendale resident.