A Tiny Fire Hydrant Break for Teddy Bears!

I will be back next week with some great hydrants I promise! It’s supposed to get cooler any day now…
But I wanted to let area people know about Teddy Bear Day tomorrow!

Come on down to the free event Saturday, September 10th from 10-4 and receive a free gift bag, spin on the prize wheel, and offers, discounts and activities throughout the downtown! Bags are limited to the first 500, so get here early!

For more info, jump over here.


Mosaic Art: Barrel Cactus

One of the mosaics on the Glendale History Walk. With my little moccasins at the bottom.

Amigo Tire Shop

While looking for fire hydrants I spotted this tire shop. I love the bright colors and cannot beat that lightning bolt! That’s how you know they’re powerful!

Missing Artwerks

It may only be a month since the First Saturdays Artwalk has finished for the season, but I miss it.

Fire Hydrant Friday

Do you ever upload and edit so many photos that you think you publish your weekly feature and actually don’t? Whoopsie, that’s why this is so late. Found at the corner of 54th Ave and Glendale Ave.

Another Jessica Idea!

I’m not sure if anyone owns this cement slab/lot, but it seems like it would lend itself well to some chalk drawings, some outdoor theater/band, even a little arts and craft fair! A tiny little slab of concrete, so many possibilities!