Summer Weather

Pictures taken in my backyard, just a couple days apart. Sometimes I love when it’s hot and humid, because that equals a great summer rain.


Morton Salt Polaroid

Morton Salt. I like this saguaro made from old salt buckets.

So Green

Good morning! All green and pleasant right next to my door. I even saw a hummingbird stealing nectar from these honeysuckles!

Constellation Cactus

I don’t know the actual name of this cactus, but I love the little white stars!

Glendale Day at Camelback Ranch

Glendale residents got special discounts for this day, and no one could have asked for better weather!

A jazz band played,

 they hosed down the sweet smelling grass (and dirt),

 all in all, a gorgeous day.

Spring Training

Happy first day of Spring Training!

The Cactus League here in Arizona is out in full force. I hope you come visit and bring your sunscreen and camera!