High, But Not Quite Above

When I got out of work today, I noticed how beautiful the sky was, and, since it was a day of somewhat cool temperatures (being under 100), I decided to take a hike up the parking garage to the higher levels to grab some shots.
This one is looking northeasterly over Catlin Court.
And this one is looking west
I really dig that cypress tree. I learned a few years ago in Art History that in Old World Europe, cypress trees were associated with death, which is why Van Gogh’s Starry Night always made me wonder…

Photo Contest with Galapagos Island Prize (not sponsored by me)

Get your shutters ready! It’s time for the National Geographic Photo Contest!!
Get info here and happy shooting!!
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The Rain! The Raiiiiin!

Since I have been a bit under the weather, I didn’t get to post these pics until now. It will most likely be the last rain until the wind whips up some monsoons in late July.


Chickens in Sahuaro Ranch Park

The chickens are held over from Sahuaro Ranch’s days as an actual ranch. There are also peacocks roaming around as well, but those will be for a cooler day, when they are actually out and about.

Yard of Treasures

This is a collection of mostly iron statues and miniatures in someone’s yard, near 55th and State downtown Glendale. There was a giant ceramic tiger worn out from the sun in the backyard I would give anything to have. It’s amazing such a collection hasn’t been stolen or at least tampered with, but it seems the lady caretaker keeps a vigilant watch near sunset.

Dog Parks

I wish I could bring my pup to the dog park, but he’s so tiny he has a Napoleon Complex. But I do love watching my parents dog, Elke, bound around and play with the other pups at the dog park. She has an opposite complex. She thinks she’s smaller than she is. she has to release all her energy at the dog park, or it will be taken out on all the vases, lamps and shelves at home.

I knew if I posted a picture of my dog, at least one person in all of Glendale would mention why their dog can’t be on here. But hilariously enough, the first person was my mom!