Flower Bed in (Almost) Bloom

I don’t know how many of you remember my flower bed picture last summer, but she finally got some blooms this year!

I talked with her about them briefly, and I am flabbergasted that these wild and crazy zinnias came from SEEDS!

I have never been able to grow something from a seed!


Summer’s Almost Gone

Although it has been gone technically a couple days, it’s still warm enough that we will probably be enjoying our floats until mid-to-late-October.

(RB Floats at Papa Ed’s Ice Cream Shop)

First Day of Fall

The first day of fall was the most gorgeous day, albeit a tad humid. But fall is quite a bit different here than anywhere else.

To Be Demolished

I noticed several months ago that chain-link had been put around these two run-down establishments, and after emailing around I found out that they are part of the city’s changing-for-the-better landscape. They are going to take these down and use the spot to construct Grand Ave a little better. I’m excited to see the change, but I’m still a little sad these vintage motels weren’t kept up better.

I am actually really glad I got these pictures when I did, because they have bulldozed everything but the signs!

Champagne Picnic

Enjoy the last hot days of summer/fall by cooling off in the shade with some bubbly!

Teddy Bear Day

This darling teddy, complete with priceless note, was donated for Teddy Bear Day last Saturday. The little girl requested that the note stay with him.