Sunset Saturday



Rain at Sunset

sunset with rain

My favorite kind of rain.

Summer Weather

Pictures taken in my backyard, just a couple days apart. Sometimes I love when it’s hot and humid, because that equals a great summer rain.

Saturday Sunset

Not quite in Glendale, but still a beautiful reason I love the Southwest. Taken coming back from a day trip in Flagstaff, just outside of Phoenix.

Glendale Glitters 2010

The really fun pictures won’t come until it gets dark, but for now I will be content to smell the yummy, greasy food from my office.

For more info about Glendale Glitters times and festival what-nots, go here.

Cotton Candy Clouds

The only reason I like when the rainclouds move on is to see the beautiful sunset they leave behind. The sunset hit these clouds just right and I wish I could leap up and twirl around in them, then eat them!