Windy in Spring

It’s so funny to see my li’l guy Tortilla hanging out in the wind. He’s constantly licking his nose and trying to get it out of his ears. If only we could save the wind for summer, when it’s too hot for it to blow.


Doggy Ice Cream Social

More like unsocial, in the case of my little Tortilla.

Friday we went to a “Doggy Social” at Papa Ed’s ice Cream and they served Frosty Paws ice cream, made especially for dogs. Made with mostly soy whey, flous and vegetable fats, these iced treats were a definite hit.

Tortilla was wary at first, probably because it was so cold.

Torts treat1

But then he charged right in!

torts treat devouring

By the end he licked the plate clean and was even patrolling the grass for any leftovers.

licking the remnants

tort and elke

Tortilla and my sister and sister-in-law; Elke and my stepdad.