Glendale Glitters 2010

The really fun pictures won’t come until it gets dark, but for now I will be content to smell the yummy, greasy food from my office.

For more info about Glendale Glitters times and festival what-nots, go here.


Arizona Broadway Theatre

The cast of ABT’s “42nd Street” came to the Visitor Center’s Anniversary and they were so cute!

Happy 10-Year Anniversary, Visitor Center!

We had a big anniversary party the other day, and since we are a visitor destinatioin, the theme was travel. So, the amazing Michelle of Maddycakes whipped up this extraordinary tablescape complete with suitcase cupcake stand and luggage tag food details. It was a fun day and more importantly a tasty day! Mini-pies from the southern food place, cupcakes from Crave, it was a locavore extravaganza!

The Tour, Part One

I recently went on a Historic Preservation Tour of both Manistee and Sahuaro Ranch. It was so cool. The buildings are filled with all the furniture, amenities and decor of way-back-when. LOTS more pictures to come!

Mother’s Day Celebration

Volunteers handing out bouquet-starter flowers for the Mother’s Day Celebration.

Jazz and Blues

One of my favorite spots at the Jazz and Blues Festival. Right in the middle so you’re close enough to the jazz to meander over if you want. But also the blues is on the huge megatron screen if you wanna just lie back and relax. Plus, how gorgeous is that flowering tree?!