Spring Training

Happy first day of Spring Training!

The Cactus League here in Arizona is out in full force. I hope you come visit and bring your sunscreen and camera!


Last Piece of Chocolate

I apologize for my lack of post Monday. I think i am still recovering from my chocolate hangover. I thought this would be a good last chocolate picture: a Lomo-ish pic of my strawberry breakfast!

Le Napoleon

I thought I would extend Love and Chocolate Week and add a picture I took last night while walking around the chocolate affaire. In the far left of the picture, you can see the famous cheesecake cones. I bought some legitimately dangerous dark chocolate truffles from here.

Love and Chocolate Week, Part Five

I had to save the best for last. This is Haus Murphy’s, the German restaurant. I love everything about this outdoor patio. Even without the giant pretzel and tons of pink, it’s a beautiful breezeway and is perfectly shaded for balmy evenings with a pint and a (smaller, but not by much) pretzel.

When I walked over there Rose, one of the owners, greeted me and saw my incredulous face.

“Is it pink enough for you?”

I replied; “I wish that pretzel was real!”

Love and Chocolate Week, Part Four

Forget about real roses; they tend to wilt.

Unless you leave these in a warm car or window, these chocolate roses will last much longer!From Cerreta’s of course!

Love and Chocolate Week

We have only four days until chocolatiers melt into Murphy Park and downtown Glendale! The unofficial motto of the Glendale Chocolate Affaire is: “Forget Love – I’d Rather Fall In Chocolate!” So I thought I would start this week of early Valentine and chocolate goodies with some of the dark stuff:

Dark chocolate handcuffs!

But if that’s a little dark for you, don’t worry; Cerreta’s likes to double the fun with white chocolate as well:

Yum. It is so hard to choose!

Smash Burger

Arizona’s newest Smash Burger opened in Glendale yesterday. Oh. My. Burgers. So tasty. In every state they make a signature burger that they only serve in that state. Ours is -guess what?- chock full of guacamole and peppers. It is breathtaking, literally and figuratively. I definitely recommend it.