Sports, Sports and More Sports

Went to Camelback Ranch for work today. I love that from the upper deck where we had lunch you could see the University of Phoenix Stadium and the Arena, too. Three sports attractions all in close proximity. So cool. Oh, here’s another, closer-up picture of the stadium:

Spring Training is right around the corner!!

Oldest Road in Glendale

While talking with one of the merchants in Catlin Court, I found out that this street, 58th Drive, is the oldest street in Glendale. She said it used to go all the way to Glendale, before the city hall was built. There was also a grocery store on the road, too.

Stained Glass Kachina

Today they finally started working on the panels of the stained glass kachina that were damaged in the storm last…August or September! Better late than never!

When the Lights Get Low

About an hour before sunset, one of the last times the lights in the park will be on. It’s going to be sad to see all the guys in the trees taking down all the lights of the season. 😦

Glitter and Glow

jan 024

Today is the last night of Glendale’s holiday lights, Glitter and Glow. This is my favorite night of the lights beacuase they also bring in hot air balloons to bring the downtown to a nice glow. It is magical. And free. I wish I wasn’t so sick so I could go out and enjoy hours of the cold to take pictures of them like I did last year. This year it will probably be just a couple snaps.

Saturday Sunsets