Ice Cream in a Still Sweltering Valley

There are so many different stories as to when Ice Cream was invented, by whom, and where, so I decided to just pick one.  I don’t know why September 22nd would be considered Ice Cream Cone Day. (oh, it was supposedly invented on that day. -Ed.) I figured even though it is officially the first day of fall, in Glendale it’s still up in the 100s and will be for several more weeks. All the more reason to head down and grab a cone.

As you can see, it is called Papa Ed’s Ice Cream. She also has tons of flowers in the “front yard” (which is actually the backyard, since her store is the guest house of an historic house/shop)
She also has an amazing actual flower bed, that when bloomed it resembles a quilt! I can’t wait to take pictures of it in full bloom!