Beet Sugar Factory

Right in downtown Glendale, just off the main street (Glendale Ave.), there is the shell of what was supposed to be the busiest factory in the West Valley. The Sugar Beet Factory was built, changed hands several times and prdouced sugar from 1903-1913. Although it was written up as a failure in the business books, its spirit and the potential it showed helped the small community of Glendale grow and open its eyes to new possibilities.

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Now it is owned by a private investor, and there have been all kinds of ideas and false starts on what is to become of it (clean it up because of its historical preservation status, razed to the ground, etc.), I think I have an extremely cool idea: Sugar Beet Lofts!

It will become a two-story, New York style warehouse/factory converted loft apartment homes!

The windows are huge, meaning all that beautiful light could just stream on in! The roof is nice and flat, allowing for maximum use for solar panels (and after hours stargazing), and the bottom picture shows a smaller building (maybe foreman’s offices?) That would make an amazing caretaker office/toolshed.

Now if someone wants to give me the couple million dollars it would take to make this happen, I know people would be scrambling left and right to buy into this piece of history turned urban recycling-chic!