I Love Unusual Cars

I have found that over the years living in Glendale I have found a very high concentration of unusual art cars, from the Pink Dream, the Zebra, and my favorite, my crazy car (before it decided to melt)! It seems there are so many more than any other Phoenix Metro city, and that pleases me. I had seen this wonderful chalkboard car before in downtown, but the driver looked pretty busy, running errands or something, so I didn’t want to scare them by running after, arms flailing. But I saw it again yesterday and swooned because I got to see it up close! I only have 2 more months until my car is paid off, and I just might have to have a door painted like this to show my solidarity with this special car.

P.s. if this is your vehicle, please email me. I would love to interview you and take more proper pictures with you and your beloved!