Corn Harvest

I completely forgot about the fields on Northern Avenue. I started taking a different way to work and had used it so long I was flabbergasted when I drove to work this week and there were 7 foot tall corn fields! The fields aren’t very big, but it still tickles me that some people have the magic touch for producing corn in the Valley.

This picture made me laugh and think I should go back and take more because there are few places that have palm trees and corn right next to each other!

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4 Responses to Corn Harvest

  1. Don and Krise says:

    It makes me wonder if the Children of the Corn vacation here for those cold mid-west winters…

    lol great share


  2. Alyce says:

    I love this picture. It reminds me so much of Min’s market which used to be on Northern Avenue across from the old Valley West mall. I loved that little shop and was so sad when it had to close. The corn I bought there was wonderful. Thanks for the memory.

  3. John Wesley says:

    You ought to go back and get a shot that identifies it as corn…. looked like dusty road or boring country… can you go back into the corn and geta shot down a row at the palm tree.

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